• About the Board

    The ACSD Board is made of, and elected by citizens of Bridport, Cornwall, Middlebury, Ripton, Salisbury, Shoreham, and Weybridge, and is responsible for ensuring the education and welfare of the children of member towns in its District schools. Each board member is elected at large, and therefore represents the interests of all students in the District (not just the town in which they live).

    The founding vision of the ACSD Board is that all students will meet their full academic potential and be prepared for success as engaged citizens. It is the Board’s responsibility to set goals, conduct high-level planning, establish policy, and allocate resources in support of this vision, as well as provide oversight and develop monitoring systems to track progress. And as a public entity, the Board must engage the community in its work.

    The Board hires, supervises, and evaluates the Superintendent, who is responsible for the operation of all District schools. So while the Board sets priorities and guides the Superintendent and his or her administration in their work, it does not manage day-to-day school operations.  To learn more about the essential work of school boards, please visit the Vermont School Board Association website. 

    The ACSD Board currently has five committees to support its work; Communications and Engagement, Facilities, Finance, Negotiations, and Policy Committees.  Information about each committee can be found on our Board Committees page.

  • ACSD Board Members

Last First Committee Assignments Email Phone
Buck Suzanne Policy sbuck@acsdvt.org 802-758-2685
Conlon Peter Negotiations pconlon@acsdvt.org 802-462-3134
Cullinane Mary Facilities mcullinane@acsdvt.org 646-483-3055
Gill Mary Policy mgill@acsdvt.org 802-734-6753
Hescock Lindsey Communications & Engagement / Policy lhescock@acsdvt.org 802-388-3381
Jette Victoria Finance / Facilities vjette@acsdvt.org 802-989-7121
Kafumbe Betty Communications & Engagement bkafumbe@acsdvt.org 802-382-9472
Malcolm James Finance / Facilities jmalcolm@acsdvt.org 802-388-6556
McGlashan Amy Communications & Engagement amcglashan@acsdvt.org 802-349-6742
Morse Lorraine Negotiations lmorse@acsdvt.org 802-388-0802
Noble Mary Heather Communications & Engagement / Facilities mnoble@acsdvt.org 860-869-3703
Nuceder Jennifer Communication & Engagement / Facilities jmnuceder@acsdvt.org 802-352-4510
Wilson Barbara Finance / Negotiations bwilson@acsdvt.org 802-897-5430