Phone: (802) 382-1441


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. in Music Education


My role as Music Director at Mary Hogan includes teaching general music classes and directing the Chorus, Beginner Band, and Intermediate Band.  

In general music class, students learn music skills and concepts through playing classroom instruments, singing, and moving activities.  As a follower of the methods of John Feierabend, the goal of my music classes is to create students who are “tuneful” (singing/playing in tune), “beatful” (feeling and demonstrating steady pulse) and “artful” (singing/playing/responding with expression). Experiences in general music support students’ success in our school ensembles, Beginning and Intermediate Bands and Chorus.

Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s music education.



MY HOMETOWN:  I grew up in beautiful Leicester, Vermont.

MY EDUCATION:  After graduating from Otter Valley Union High School I went on to get my teaching degree in music education at the University of Vermont.

MY CAREER:  Before working as a music teacher I was a preschool teacher! That was just fine with me because there is a lot of music to be had in a preschool classroom!

OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL:  I am the only female in a household of men. I have two AMAZING sons who I share with my fun-loving husband. We have three cats that call our home “theirs”. I am not sure that we really need three cats but sometimes “cats happen”. One of the things that I find most fun and challenging about my job is inspiring and motivating my student band. I lead them with such energy and authority.  I will never admit to them that I have never actually been in a band…. Shhhh don’t tell!


MY FAVORITE SUBJECTS IN SCHOOL WERE: Geography, Spelling, History and MUSIC!