The mission of the Friends of Weybridge Elementary (FOWE) is to bring together the skills, talents, knowledge and energy of the community to support the school, the teachers, students, staff and administration of Weybridge Elementary School.  

    FOWE is open to all Weybridge families and plays a vital role in fostering communication and providing support to the school and the community as a whole.  Central to this role is providing an opportunity to learn about what's going on in the school.  This year, in lieu of monthly meetings, FOWE will send monthly updates via email and/or blog on our school website.

    FOWE activity can be divided into three main areas of support:

    School Programs – FOWE coordinates volunteers for many essential aspects of the school, including kitchen and library assistance, garden and play space maintenance and classroom support.

    Community Building – FOWE organizes many activities and events that are free and open to the community. Grand Friends Tea, Family Game Night and Family Book Night are all activities that bring the school and the community together for social interaction and fun.

    Fundraising – FOWE organizes or coordinates several events which raise funds to support the school. From weekly bottle redemption to the Service Raffle and the annual Tag Sale, these activities and events support the school and community in numerous ways. The funds raised go toward supporting a variety of student programs that aren’t fully covered under the school budget, such as field trips, sponsoring a Jr Iron Chef team, the library, and art and science residencies.  


    Weybridge Elementary has a long-standing, high level of volunteerism.  The degree of commitment is extraordinary in the changing times and economies of the community and the world.  Your role as a school volunteer is extremely important to the school because it has direct impact on the education of the children and because it saves taxpayer money.  In additiona, your participation is a clear statement to the children that you care about them and their education.  It also provides an important model for them as they learn how to be responsible members of the community.  In whatever way you choose to volunteer your time - attending student performances, becoming a room parent, helping in the library or meals program, grant writing, maintaining the buildings and grounds, driving and chaperoning for field trips, etc. - your commitment is of value to us and the greater community.  FOWE sends out a survey each year to find out how you might like to volunteer.  This helps us tailor our requests of you, but feel free at any time to offer new ideas.


    If you have questions about FOWE, would like to become involved, have ideas to share or topics you would like addressed, please call the school at 545-2113 or reach out to FOWE co-chairs Melanie Root and Kirsten Hendy: FOWE2018@gmail.com.