• Breakfast served from 7:50 am to 8:15 am
    • Lunch
    • Fresh Fruit/Veggie Snack (a USDA grant program)
    • MENUS  (Weekly Menu Link)


    Breakfast and lunch are available for all students, as well as milk and juice. Children must arrive at school on time if they wish to eat breakfast at school. A morning snack period is scheduled each day. Please send a nutritious snack (and lunch if your child is not participating in the lunch program) from home and reinforce with your child the value of eating nutritious foods. Glass bottles or containers, soda, and candy are not to be included in a child’s snack or lunch.



    The Mary Hogan Food Service Program does not allow items to be charged. Parents/Guardians should keep their child’s account paid in advance. Account statements will be sent home periodically. Families with a negative account balance are expected to make immediate payment to bring their account up to date. If payment is not made, your child will be allowed no more than two meals before a call is made to remind you of the zero balance; at that time, you will be offered the choice of advance payment or sending meals to school with your child.

    Payment by check is encouraged (payable to “Mary Hogan Food Service”). Payment may also be made using the following link (Payment center link)  Payment for an entire week should be sent on Mondays or you may put a larger amount on your child’s food account.


    Please call 382-1404 or email mhs.foodaccount@acsdvt.org for information on your child’s food service account.



    Your children may qualify for free meals. A free and reduced-price meals application is sent home a week before school starts. If you need an application during the school year, please request one from the office or go to the site below and download a copy from home!

    The state of Vermont covers the cost of both reduced-price breakfast AND lunch. Students approved for free OR reduced-price meals will receive breakfast and lunch at no charge, but must pay full price for milk and juice when beverages are taken without a meal. There is also a charge for individual food items taken without a full meal, or extra items taken with a meal.

    FREE AND REDUCED MEALS:  Information Link

    APPLICATION: Forms Link

    3SquaresVT: 3squares Link



    We ask that food from home be packaged in reusable containers whenever possible. This may include lunch boxes, cloth bags and small reusable containers. By helping to educate our children and by practicing that which we learn in our daily lives, we can begin to have a positive impact on protecting our environment.

    Students at MHS recycle all food waste and learn about ZERO sort recycling in our Cafe in preparation for the upcoming changes in Vermont Law manditory recycling law.  We encourage you to have a discussion at home about this enviromentally sustainable practice.