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Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. of English from the College of William and Mary in VirginiaMaster of Library and Information Science from the University of South Carolina

Ms. Abby Adams

... she was not afraid of mice; she loved winter, snow, and ice

...When she had read every single children's book in the place, she started wandering round in search of something else.

...she took her books whenever they went away. They were her home when she was somewhere strange. They were familiar voices, friends that never quarreled with her, clever, powerful friends -- daring and knowledgeable, tried and tested adventurers who had traveled far and wide. Her books cheered her up when she was sad and kept her from being bored.

...How many books had she touched?

How many had she felt?

She walked over and did it again, this time much slower, with her hand facing forward, allowing the dough of her palm to feel the small hurdle of each book. It felt like magic, like beauty, as bright lines of light shone down from a chandelier.

...It was all because of her no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing great-great-grandfather!


Just remember, friends:

...You can keep your willpower... I am going home to bake a cake.


Can you identify the sources of the quotations in my bio?


In addition to the above, I live in Shoreham with my husband and my daughter. In this picture she's two, but she's now old enough to attend Shoreham Elementary School! I have a life-long love of libraries and a passion for books. You can also find me at the Platt Memorial Library--I'm the librarian there as well. I began at the school library media center in 2015, and have been working in public libraries since 2006. When not doing library things of one sort or another, I love to sing, cook, kayak, and hike. My family also participates in costume at 18th-Century reenactments of military and everyday events.