Phone: (802) 382-1178


Degrees and Certifications:

BA (Spanish & History) Middlebury College MA (International Education & Development) Teacher's College Columbia University

Ms. Natasha Causton

Bonjour! Hola! Welcome to my course website. I am Natasha Causton, your World Language teacher. I am a native French and Spanish speaker who is totally passionate about languages because it has allowed me to cross borders and to make real connections with people from around the world. I love teaching languages.  Bienvenue! ¡Bienvenidos! This year, I will be teaching Spanish 1, Spanish 2, French 3 and 2/3 and Spanish AP. I look forward to a great year.  If you have any questions about languages or language classes, please feel free to contact me at


Poema de la clase de espanol 1 (el 25 de septiembre de 2019)

Yo no soy estúpido

Yo soy inteligente

Yo no soy viejo, alto o perezoso

Yo soy flaco

Yo soy bueno

Yo soy guapo

Yo soy serio

iYo soy un estudiante de espanol!



  • My schedule 2019-20

    Lunes y jueves (A)

    Miércoles (A/B)

    Martes y viernes (B)

    8:10-9:33 Español 2 (1)

    9:37-11:00  Free 4 (3)

    11:04-11:10  Advisory

    11:14-11:44 Flex A

    11:46-12:16 Lunch B

    12:20-1:43 Français 3 (5)

    1:47-3:10 Temps Collaboratif (7) 



    11:04-11:10  Advisory

    11:14-11:44 Lunch A

    11:46-12:16 Extended Advisory



    8:10-9:33 Español AP(2)

    9:37-11:00  Libre (4)

    11:04-11:10  Advisory

    11:14-11:44 Lunch A

    11:46-12:16 Flex B

    12:20-1:43 Español 1 (6)

    1:47-3:10 Español 1 (8)