Cathy Stoddert

  • My background:   I grew up in Jericho, graduating from Mt. Mansfield Union High School.  I was good at English, music and Social Studies, but terrible at math.  After college (Allegheny) and graduate school (Univ. of Edinburgh, Scotland), I found myself working at a boarding school for emotionally troubled teenagers.  Though I was at a loss for what to do after grad school and really just needed a steady paycheck, my time there redirected my ambitions.  I went back to school to become a licensed public school teacher and was hired in 1999, here at MUHS.  And I really enjoy working here.

    My family:  My husband, two sons and I live in Bristol.  My husband is a middle school teacher, while my boys are entering 11th and 7th grades, respectively. I know a lot about Star Wars, Hollow Knight and data sets, thanks to them.  

    I like... to think I'm a gardener, though I can't grow lettuce very well.  I'm very good with tomatoes and mint, though, which is reassuring.  

    I read A LOT.  My favorite authors are Margaret Atwood, Ian McEwan, and Jane Austen, and I LOVE POETRY.  That's very important to know about me, I guess, because it makes my heart bloom.  I am also the advisor for Poetry Out Loud, a national recitation contest in which you can win $$.  Passive brag:  MUHS has already produced a state winner. 

    I also love windows, rocks, travelling the world and english toffee.  I'm a fan of roller coasters and scary rides, sky diving, and motorcycles (mine is a Honda Shadow).  And teaching English, of course.

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