Barrett Swinhart

Phone: 802-382-1137


Degrees and Certifications:

Barrett Swinhart


(Mildly) Interesting Facts About me:

- I'm a Vermont native and a MUHS graduate (Class of 2006).

- I love languages, history, reading, learning about other cultures, travel (especially in Spanish-speaking countries), bike touring, good TV (GoT), good movies (Star Wars), good food (all things pork), technology, and... video games!  

- I have a wife and two sons (all born in the beautiful city of Segovia, Spain) whom I adore.  

- I attended Saint Louis University in Madrid (for 2 years) and the University of British Colombia in Vancouver (for another 2 years).  

- I finished my studies with an Ibero-American Studies Certificate, a minor in Spanish, and a major in Classical and Near-Eastern Archaeology.

- I have biked across the United States and would love to do it again some day.

- I have lived in Spain off-and-on for a total of 6 years; 2 as a college student and 4 working as an EFL teacher.  

- I got my teaching license as a K-12 Spanish World Language Teacher from TAP at Champlain College.

- I have worked as both a Middle and High School teacher.

- I have been at MUHS since 2015.

- I am a braggart (see above for evidence).