"SPECIALS" classes at MHS....

  • All students at Mary Hogan School participate in "Specials" classes in addition to their core class (homeroom).  These classes meet up to twice a week and are led by teachers trained in their area of speciality.



    Visual Arts classes not only offer opportunities for “Art for Art’s Sake”, but integrates all the other curriculums to reinforce learning in Math, Science, Literacy, and Social Studies.  We use a variety of media to explore techniques in two dimensional and three dimensional projects. 


    Students explore rhythms and melodies through a variety of different applications. All students learn about the elements of music, music history, and work towards musical literacy. Songs are interspersed with fun singing games, movement, and creative projects.

    Physical Education

    All students (K-6) have PE twice a week. Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade will initially focus on special awareness, body control, and movement patterns before progressing to cooperative games and fundamental skill developments.

    Third, fourth, and fifth grades will quickly progress to small sided games while incorporating learned fundamentals from previous lessons. Furthermore, a larger focus will be geared towards fitness initiatives and developing a love for lifelong healthy and active lifestyles.  The following are Physical Education classes that exemplify our unique programming.

    • Ropes and Climbing Skills
    • Swimming Lessons
    • Tennis Lessons
    • Learn to Ride a Bike (safety and skills)


    The STEM Lab offers students the opportunity to explore scientific, technology and Math topics through hands-on activities and challenges. Lessons enrich the scientific units taught by the classroom teacher. If weather is being studied we may design weather instruments or create a bridge structure that stands strong under simulated real-world stresses! If it is living things, we may get up close to crickets and worms, dissect a flower, or simulate what the digestive system does for our bodies. Learning in the STEM lab is messy, creative and totally engaging!

    Students at MHS have weekly scheduled library time where they are able to go to the media center and check out books and participate in lessons and/or book reads.  Students are also afforded the opportunity to work with computer workstations, laptops, or iPADS to complete research, or integrate technology with other instructional activities.