• Welcome to our Wing! Grades (5 and 6)

    We are the Fourth and Fifth Grade Educators. 

    In our wing you may hear the following: Collaborations, Negotiations, Debates, Presentations, Students speaking Spanish, S.T.E.M Labs, Quiet reflection.

    Fifth and Six graders are learning self responsibility and independance as they prepare to transition to Middle School.  These older students are given a lot more freedom in thought and expression at Mary Hogan School.  Transitions between classrooms are not as closely guided at this age and if you listen closely you will find that hallway debates are being held around classroom topics.

    Special Activities - Ropes and Climbing Lessons, Tennis Lessons (grade 6), School Play, Track Meet, Overnight and week-long field trips.

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  • JAN COLLINS - grade 5



    BRANDI CORBETT - grade 5



    NORA O'LEARY - grade 5 


  •  DEB LEVESQUE - grade 6



    ALYSSA MONGELLI - grade 6