Welcome to our Wing!  Kindergarten

    We are the Kindergarten Educators. 

    In our wing you may hear the following: singing, laughing, sharing and lots and lots and lots of excitement!

    During Kindergarten, students spend a great amount of time learning to be students! 

    Kindergarteners practice teamwork skills, they discuss communities, they cook, they are mentored by older students through their "big buddies" program, they sing, dance, read, count, build and play!  

    If you see the Mary Hogan Bus at Shelburne Farms, chances are good that it will have Kindergarteners on it!

     _________________________________________________________________________________________________ENJOY some of our work:



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  • JULIE SCHONDUBE - kindergarten 
    PATTI CROSBY - kindergarten 
  • JENNIFER SOMMER - kindergarten

    KERA HURLBURT - kindergarten