• Dear MUMS Families, 


    The start of winter athletics is fast approaching.  Our winter running club has already begun with the majority of all other athletic practices starting on December 5th. Below is a list of sport offerings with typical practice dates/times:

    • Winter Running - Front lobby/outdoors / 3:30 - 5:00pm

    • Wrestling - MUMS Cafeteria (2 days a week) & High School (Thursdays) / 3:30-5:30pm

    • 6th graders can practice with 7/8th grade during December 

    • Gymnastics - MUMS Gymnasium / 6:30-8:30pm

    • Occasional Saturday practices

    • Basketball - 7th/8th grade (Practices - afternoon/evening every other week rotation) 

      • Girls’ Basketball - MUMS Gymnasium 

        • Week of Dec 5th - 3:15-4:45pm

        • Week of Dec 12th - 4:45pm-6:15pm

      • Boys’ Basketball - MUMS Gymnasium 

        • Week of Dec 5th - 4:45-6:15pm

        • Week of Dec 12th - 3:15pm-4:45pm

    During the month of November, students had the opportunity to sign up to participate in winter athletics in their teacher advisory block.  Families with interested students should register online via Rank One Sport to complete the required electronic forms.

    The MUMS website is another resource for families.  Our activities/athletic calendar as well as activities guide can be found there.  We ask that you review the calendar for specific details including away game locations and bus departure/arrivals.  Please note that schedules on the website will be updated regularly.  

    If parents, guardians, or students have specific questions for their grade level sport, please review the following folks to reach out to: 


    Megan Curran - 8th grade Girls’ Basketball Coach - (meganlcurran1017@gmail.com)

    Dustin Hunt - 8th grade Boys’ Basketball Coach - (dhunt@townofmiddlebury.org)

    Cyndi Palmer - 7th grade Girls’ Basketball Coach - (cpalmer@acsdvt.org)

    Randy Stockwell - 7th grade Boys’ Basketball Coach - (lakers32vt@yahoo.com)

    Karen Morris - Winter Running Coach - (reflectspa@yahoo.com)

    Natalia Harthman - Gymnastics - (Natalia.harthman@me.com)

    Jameson Sylvia - Wrestling - (jamesonsylvia@gmail.com)

    Michael Dudek - Co-Principal (mdudek@acsdvt.org)

    Shelley Harrison - Administrative Assistant - (sharrison@acsdvt.org

    We are excited to cheer on our TIGERS this winter!  Please reach out if you have any questions. 


    Michael Dudek