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    Kelly McGovern RN, School Nurse 802-382-1190

    School Nurse

    The School Nurse is licensed by the VT Board of Nursing and the Department of Education and is available to all students, teachers, administrators and staff to provide a safe and healthy school environment. The School Nurse is also part of the Educational Support Team. The Health Office is next to the Main Office and is accessed through the Commons. The School Nurse performs health assessments, first aid, emergency care, and administers medications and health counseling as needed. Health Services comply with the Vermont Department of Health requirement related to mandated vision screening for all 9 & 12 grade students. For the students who fail the vision screening, parents are notified and referral to an ophthalmologist is recommended. New students, D.O. students and others may be referred for a health assessment which includes the same screening. All students must conform to the state immunization requirements and have up to date immunization documentation in the health office. Students should attempt to see the School Nurse between classes. To be dismissed from school because of illness, students need to consult with the School Nurse. The Nurse contacts parents/guardians to receive permission for students to leave school. Students must sign out with the Attendance Clerk in the Main Office. Extended medical absences require a note from a medical care provider or physician. In case of an accident, first aid is administered by the School Nurse. If it is deemed necessary for students to be seen for further medical evaluation or treatment, parents/guardians are contacted, and it is their responsibility to transport students to the appropriate medical facility. In more serious accidents, every effort is made to contact parents/guardians when emergency medical services are called.

     Medications Procedure

    Some students need to take prescribed daily medications and these are to be administered by the School Nurse. All prescription medications need to be brought to school in the correct prescription bottle and stored in the Health Office. A doctor’s order needs to be on file with the School Nurse in order for this medication to be given at school. Over the counter medicines (Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Benadryl, Sudafed and antacids) are available through the Health Office and are given out with parent/guardian permission – please see form below.  Students are not to carry over the counter medications with them in school.  Please contact the nurse with any questions.


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