• “Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”     

       -  Gloria Steinem


    Whether it be working to reach your dreams or organizing a science lab, success in school requires organization and planning. Listed below are some suggestions to help students develop and improve their study skills.


    The Learning Lab provides tutoring in a positive and supportive environment. Tutoring is available to all MUHS students for all subjects and classes. Tutoring can also be provided for organizational support, such as keeping a planner, prioritizing work and organizing notebooks. Students can be assigned to the Learning Lab if they want to come regularly, or they can come as needed during their free time or their studyhall time.  Tutoring is provided by five licensed teachers: Ben Weir (Learning Lab /504 Coordinator), and Karrie Green (Learning Lab Tutor). Tutoring by peers, Middlebury College students and community volunteers can also be arranged.

    The Learning Lab is open from 7:45am - 4:15pm every day. 

    The Learning Lab is located in room B101. Stop by the Learning Lab if you are interested in tutoring or in being a tutor, or call 382-1165 if you have questions.

    Study Guides and Strategies: An excellent resource for developing and improving your study skill.