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Dr. Peter Burrows

Dr. Peter L. Burrows has been the Superintendent of the Addison Central School District since 2013. He has worked in education both locally and internationally since 1990, serving as teacher, high school principal, and superintendent. He holds a Doctorate in Education Leadership from the University of Oregon and a master's degree from the School for International Training.
Dr. Burrows is committed to engaging the ACSD community in rethinking and reshaping the educational experience through greater student voice and a move towards inquiry-based educational systems. Dr. Burrows' belief in student agency in the learning process has been central to his leadership as he helps mobilize ACSD to meet the needs of all learners. He is particularly interested in the intersection between educational leadership and culture, and regularly writes on educational issues within the educational community through both digital and print media to engage all in the work of educating our students.