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    NEW THIS YEAR!!! M.E.S.A (a PTO association) is now accepting PAYPAL SPONSORSHIPS and DONATIONS via their secure link below. Bypass the inconvenience of writing a check or sending in cash to the school.

    Using the PAYPAL LINK is safe, easy and accessable to anyone who has access to the internet! Even "Uncle Charlie" who lives in Sunny California can support his favorite student over his cup of morning coffee!

  • Dear families,

    MESA volunteers have been finishing up the odds-and-ends of our Read-a-thon, and preparing for 2018! We would like to thank all of the Read-a-thon volunteers, who helped make this month-long event a success.  We encourage you to come to a meeting or email us if you are interested in getting involved!  It is not too late in the year, and we would love to see you.  If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them!

    We hope you have a wonderful break,

    Megg Del Giacco (Co-chair), Alyssa Sinclair (Co-chair)



    Save the Date!

     Thursday, December 21 at 10:00AM: School wide sing along (families welcome)

    • Thursday, December 21 at 6:30 MESA meeting in Mary Hogan library - please join us!  
    • Be on the lookout for a fun, family movie afternoon in March! 

    Read-A-Thon Update

    Thank you all for your support of the Read-a-thon and Mary Hogan students!  Our 2017 Read-a-thon has been a HUGE success!  As a school, our students read a combined total of 486,959 minutes!  This surpassed our school-wide goal of 450,000 minutes.  Our high totals were thanks to our students’ dedication to out-of-school reading, as well as many in-school reading opportunities.  We were fortunate to have Middlebury College athletes, parents, and community members in school during November to read with many of our students.  We also had Library Lunches, and even a school wide STOP, DROP, and READ!  

    Some other highlights of the month include our two author visits by Jan Reynolds and Jason Chin, a Quidditch match led by the Middlebury College Quidditch team, and a very successful Book Fair!  An Ilsley Library Fort Night and Character Dress-Up Day rounded out the festivities.  Because of the students’ hard work, they met the Principal's Challenge and watched Mr. Buzzell and Mr. Lindemann face off during Minute-To-Win-It games during our closing ceremony.  This was the highlight for many!   

    A huge thank you goes out to our Mary Hogan School librarian, Julie Altemose and our Ilsley Library librarian, Tricia Allen, for their essential role in making the Read-a-thon a possibility.                                       

     Thanks again,

    Jennifer Quinn, Read-a-thon Chair

    Please try to get all donations in by December 21st, but if you are planning on seeing family or friends over the break you may bring donations in January.

    • Click here to make a donation via paypal
    • Click here to watch the Principal's Challenge video
    • Click here to watch the 2017 Read-a-thon music video
    • Click here to watch the 2017 Read-a-thon slideshow

    Student Highlights

    December sped by and, like us, the students are busy!  The 3rd graders were hard at work dissecting owl pellets.  They seemed so excited, and it was really nice to see their smiling faces and enthusiasm.  I've also noticed some of the classes walking about town, visiting the gingerbread houses!  Be sure to check out the Mary Hogan website for frequently updated news, information, and pictures.  Click here to check it out!

    *Do you have something fun we should share about what students are doing in school?  Please send them to me: mdelgiacco@gmail.com and I will do what I can to add them to our newsletter.



If you are having trouble viewing the document, click here to download it.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, click here to download it.



     ....Come with us and visit: 


  • The 6th annual Mary Hogan School (MHS) Read-a-thon was a great success with 100% of students participating by reading at home, at the Ilsley Library, during special classroom “read-ins” and at special Read-a-thon events with Middlebury College athletes at MHS.

    At the kickoff, the principals challenged the students to read at least 475,000 minutes and the students surpassed that number! Mr. Buzzell, wearing a mermaid costume, and Mr. Lindemann, wearing a pirate costume, perfomed a ZUMBA dance for students during each of the lunch periods. Special thanks goes to Hannah at “Wonderland” on Main St for providing the fun costumes!

    The Read-a-thon is the primary fundraiser for MHS and raised $12,992 in 2016. Each grade level teacher was allocated $15/student for potential grant funding; other department teachers and faculty were allocated a specified sum for potential funding. The teachers applied for and were granted funding for:


    Field trips: ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center, Fort Ticonderoga, Shelburne Farms, Bowlerama, Branbury Beach, and Shelburne Museum

    Classroom events: Flynn Theater “Frog and Toad” workshop, Yoga classes, Ethiopian speaker, Pool party at the town pool, and Montshire Museum class presentation

    Classroom/Program materials: “Trout in the Classroom” videos and food/chemicals for the tank, weighted sensory pads, games and manipulatives for classrooms, instructional and curriculum supplies, “Bouncy Bands”, flexible seating, “Sparkfolio”, and “Music is Elementary”


    Thank you again for all of your support of this fantastic fundraiser!





    Notes from the 2015 Read-a-thon 


    December 18, 2015

    The 5th annual Mary Hogan School Read-a-thon has been a great success with 99% of students participating. At the kickoff, the principals challenged the students to read at least 450,000 minutes. Of course they rose to that challenge by reading over 515,000 minutes and were rewarded last Friday at the closing assembly. Mr. Buzzell and Mr. Lindemann each performed an Elvis song (in full costume) with the band RECESS. It was such a fun way to close out this year’s Read-a-thon!

    There are many people and organizations to thank for helping make the 2015 Read-a-thon a special event for students. “Thank you” to the teachers and staff; to the parents who volunteered to record minutes at school each Tuesday, helped at the Book Fair, and assisted with various Read-a-thon tasks; to all our sponsors who gave generously; and, of course, to the students for reading! A special “Thanks!” to Julie Altemose and Tricia Allen who were integral to the success of the Read-a-thon. Both are dynamic librarians with tons of energy and ideas, a wealth of knowledge about children’s books, and always ready to offer help for students looking for a book to read at Mary Hogan or the Ilsley.

    If you would like to have your child or children write a Thank-You note to their sponsor(s), a template is available online here. We really appreciate the families who have already sent in their generous donations. We have raised over $11,000 as of earlier this week! If you have not collected donations from your sponsors, we ask that you please try to do so over the winter break and bring in your checks by Wednesday, January 6, 2016. It will be helpful to have all money raised for the Read-a-thon collected prior to discussions of budget and distribution.

    Thank you again for all of your support of this fantastic fundraiser!




    December 4, 2015

    With the end of November comes the end of our 2015 Read-a-thon. As of this week’s final counting, the students read more than 514,000 minutes! Check out the bulletin board in the front hall for some fun stats.

    We have nearly 250 Hawk Readers — students who met “Target Time” EVERY week. Next week, they will each receive a coupon for a free ice cream cone at Sama’s Cafe plus coupons to pick up a free t-shirt and 20% off at Olympia Sports!

    A Read-a-thon donation collection envelope is being sent home for each family today: 

    • Please use this envelope to send in donations for all children in your family by Friday, December 11.
    • For donations submitted on time, all children in the family will be entered into a raffle for a final prize.
    • Checks should be made payable to “MESA.”

    There will be a Read-a-thon final assembly on Friday, December 11, at 1:45pm in the gymnasium. Parents are welcome to join in the celebration of reading.

    Students have surpassed the Principals’ Challenge — so Principals Tom Buzzell and Steve Lindemann have been rehearsing some Elvis tunes with the in-school band “Recess”!

    Many thanks for sponsoring the Read-a-thon to the many local organizations and businesses who made donations toward Read-a-thon costs or for other in-kind donations and classroom prizes: Green Peppers Restaurant, Middlebury Bagel and Deli, Middlebury Parks & Rec Department, Memorial Sports Complex, Vermont Sun Fitness, Vermont Book Shop, OMYA, Neat Repeats, National Bank of Middlebury, Associates in Orthodontics, Vermont Federal Credit Union, Co-op Insurance, Rainbow Pediatrics, Wonderfeet Children’s Museum, Shelburne Museum, Shelburne Farms, Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, Montshire Museum of Science, Middlebury Inn, Swift House Inn, American Flatbread, Junebug, META (Middlebury Elementary Teachers Association), and Whirlie’s World. Special thanks to Olympia Sports and Sama’s Cafe for the Hawk Reader prizes.

    All of the money raised will be used to support enrichment programs and materials at Mary Hogan.

    Thank you to everyone who supported the 2015 Read-a-thon! Keep on Reading!




    2015 will be the 5th anniversary of the Mary Hogan School Read-a-thon! This celebration of reading has been an extremely successful fundraiser for the school and the students have enjoyed many enrichment activities. Children are encouraged to “Read, Record, Collect”: spend time reading throughout the month of November, record those minutes on their log, and collect sponsorship money to submit in December. Last year over $14,000 was raised.


    The time your child spends reading, being read to, or listening to audio books outside of school can be recorded on their logs. For the 5th Read-a-thon, we are aiming for 100% student participation. To help facilitate this, we will have some special *extra* opportunities for earning Read-a-thon minutes during the school day at “Library Lunch” sessions.

    Since it is important for students to keep a balance of activities, including reading, spending time with their families and friends and getting outside to have fun, there are new reading expectations called “Target Time.” It is broken down into three different tiers based on grade level (please see chart below). The Target Times are the levels that students will need to read at each week in order to become a Hawk Reader. Please note: a student will need to read at the Target Time level for each week of the Read-a-thon to reach Hawk Reader status. Hawk Readers will be determined at the end of November.



    20 minutes/day, 6 days a week = 120 minutes per week


    30 minutes/day, 6 days a week = 180 minutes per week


    40 minutes/day, 6 days a week = 240 minutes per week


    In order to simplify the recording of minutes read, the Reading Log will be in a calendar format this year. A Reading Log will be sent home on Friday, October 30th. The Reading Logs should be brought to school on Tuesday mornings starting November 10th for minutes to be recorded. The Logs will be returned to each student on Tuesday afternoons.

    We are happy to say that many local and regional businesses have generously supported our Read- a-thon with sponsorships gifts. This year we will have reward drawings for every student who participates, as well as an additional drawing for students who read above their Target Time. Some of the items that our sponsors have provided are: gift certificates to Green Peppers restaurant and Middlebury Bagel and Deli; day passes to the Middlebury Town Pool, Memorial Sports Complex, swimming at Vermont Sun, Wonderfeet Children’s Museum, Shelburne Museum, Shelburne Farms, Lake Champlain Maritime Museum and Montshire Museum of Science. We are very fortunate that Sama’s Cafe is again providing a coupon for a free ice cream to each student who becomes a Hawk Reader. New this year is classroom rewards. Thanks to local businesses like Vermont Book Shop, OMYA, Neat Repeats, National Bank of Middlebury, Associates in Orthodontics, Vermont Federal Credit Union, Co-op Insurance and Rainbow Pediatrics that provided sponsorships that allow us to purchase rewards for classrooms. For each week that the participation level in an individual classroom reaches at least 90%, a reward can be earned. For each week that the participation level in an individual classroom reaches at least 90%, a reward can be earned.

    “Read, Record, Collect”

    Here are some of the details:

    • The Read-a-thon will run from November 1st - November 30th.

    • Have your child ask adult sponsors to pledge an amount of money for every minute read outside of school. A Sponsor Pledge sheet is also being sent home today. Some wonderful people volunteer each year to sponsor kids who may not be able to find a sponsor. If your child needs help finding a sponsor, he or she should speak with Julie Altemose in the library or his/her classroom teacher. Every child can participate! This is NOT a door-to-door fundraiser.
    • A Reading Log will be sent home October 30th and will be available at www.maryhoganschool.org/MESA. Starting on November 1st, have your child record total minutes read outside of school each day on the Reading Log.

    • Reading Logs should be brought to school each week on Tuesdays, starting November 10th. We will have a team of volunteers to help tally the total minutes for classroom and school challenges. Logs will be returned to students that afternoon.

    • Collection and submission of pledges may begin on December 1st. All money should be put in the envelope to be provided and sent in to your child’s classroom teacher. Please have all money submitted by December 12th. Note: Checks should be made payable to “MESA.”

    Dates to remember:

    • A kick-off assembly will be held at 1:30pm on Friday, October 30th in the school gymnasium. Parents are welcome to attend.

    • Nov 1st – 30th - Friends of Ilsley Public Library is sponsoring up to $300 to the Read-a-thon, 1 cent for each minute students read while at the Ilsley Public Library. Students can sign in at the Youth Services desk and record their minutes read (up to 1 hour) Monday – Friday.

    • Character Dress-up Day on Thursday, November 5th – All students are encouraged to dress up as a character from their favorite book.

    • Children’s author, Bob Shea, will come to the school on Monday, November 16th to meet with K – 5th graders. He will also be at the Ilsley Public Library at 6pm on 11/16. (Ice Dogs author Terry Lynn Johnson will visit with the 5th and 6th graders in January 2016.)

    • Scholastic Book Fair in the Media Center/Library November 17th – 19th.

    • Family Book Discussion Night at the Ilsley Public Library on November 23rd at 5:30pm. Families are invited to gather at the Ilsley to discuss the new children’s book Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate. The school library will have a limited quantity of the book for checkout.

    • A closing assembly will be held at 1:30 pm on Friday, December 11th in the school gymnasium. Parents are welcome to attend.


2014-15 Read-a-Thon

Read-a-thon bookmark
  • The Fourth Annual Read-a-thon was a great success in November 2014! Students read 562,653 minutes and met the Principals’ Challenge–thus the principals had to EAT BUGS!
    To see all the past fun, click on the link for the READ-A-THON Blog .
    You can also click below to watch the full 45-minute presentation by Jeff Kinney, author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, at Mary Hogan on November 19 as well as our 2014 Read-a-thon video!

(If you have any questions about Mary Hogan TV, please contact Julie Altemose at 802-382-1427 or jaltemose@acsu.org)


    THANK YOU to our Read-a-thon 2014 Sponsors & Partners!


    Read-a-thon 2014 Sponsors & Partners $250

    DeBisschop Excavating LLC
    Junebug A nonprofit resale shop
    Lang McLaughry Real Estate
    Longridge Editors LLC Better Content
    META Middlebury Elem. Teachers Assoc.
    The Vermont Book Shop 38 Main Street
    Vermont Rail System

    Read-a-thon 2014 Sponsors & Partners $100

    National Bank of Middlebury
    Read-a-thon 2014 Sponsors & Partners In-kind Donations
    Ilsley Public Library
    The Little Pressroom
    Sama’s Cafe and Middlebury Market

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