• I am so lucky to be part of the Cornwall School community.  
    We are a school that cares about each and every person who comes in our doors.  We collaborate with one another to explore the world and learn.  We know that learning is ongoing and doesn't stop at the end of a class, day, or school year.  We know that we have support from one another to try new things: when we succeed, we have our friends cheering us on, and when we fall short, we have lots of hands to pick us back up to try again.  
    We believe everyone plays a role to empower children learn and grow, so they have the creative, intellectual, and critical thinking skills necessary to become active, involved global citizens.  
    With that in mind, I hope you will be an active member of the Cornwall School community. Your engagement may range from being a member of Friends of Cornwall School (FOCS), participating in special events, being a 4 Winds volunteer, or talking with your child about what they are learning, reading about, and designing at school.  
    My hope for this page is to keep an ongoing record for you of the happenings around Cornwall School.  I strongly recommend that you check out our weekly newsletters as well as the good work being done on the playground, in classes, and around the community on our website.
    I welcome all of your thoughts on how we can continue to work collaboratively to encourage even more passionate learners and a stronger school community.