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    For information on what it means to be a close contact, isolation and quarantine guidelines, please see this document.

  • Positive COVID-19 Cases This Week

    COVID cases will not be reported after June 10, 2022

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Building New Cases This Week
Bridport Central School 0
Cornwall Elementary School 0
Mary Hogan School 0
Middlebury Union Middle School 0
Middlebury Union High School 5
Ripton Elementary School 0
Salisbury Community School 0
Shoreham Elementary School 0
Weybridge Elementary School 0
District Staff 0
  • Updates

    Updates on COVID-19 cases will be posted here as they become available.

  • **Individual(s) were not contagious while in school buildings


    ACSD Cumulative Positive COVID-19 Cases

    Since August 30, 2021 including new cases this week and all cases reported. 

    BEGINNING 1/19/22 ACSD will now only be reporting cases that are considered contagious while at school

    • When individuals were contagious while at school: 591
    • When individuals were NOT contagious while at school (no longer reporting as of 1/19/22): 111







    Dashboard last updated on: 6/9/22 9:39 AM

    Data will be updated as new information becomes available


Daily positive COVID cases by School and Classroom