• Expressing Thanks


    Thank you

    From getting the meal and grocery program off the ground during school closures, to transitioning to remote learning so that all students are able to continue their education while at home, our ACSD community has been hard at work. The shift to remote learning has not been a simple follow-the-recipe kind of process, but one with many new challenges and considerable complexity. The teachers’ approach to the task has been caring and conscientious throughout.


    We have been asked by families and our community how they can show their thanks to our teachers and support staff. In response, we have started this gratitude page on our website with a collection of thank yous from our community. If you have a thank you message, written or pictorial, you would like to share with our amazing ACSD teaching staff, support staff, food service staff, bus drivers, and volunteers, please send it to ourcommunity@acsdvt.org.


    Use the quicklinks on the left to view photos of many of the people who have been doing this work and the messages from our community!