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  • New and Improved Weybridge Dismissal Procedure

    Posted by Nicole Carter on 9/12/2019 10:30:00 AM

    Hello Weybridge Families,


    As the school year unfolds the Weybridge staff is uncovering ways we can improve our commitment to providing an emotionally and physically safe school environment and climate.  This is such a great conversation to be having because it keeps us connected to both the community’s desire for the same, and the district’s implementation of the IB PYP framework which stresses the importance of being caring, principled, and reflective.  



    To this end, the staff have developed a plan for dismissal that we hope you can all help us to implement.  It is our hope that you will see that this improves our dedication to safety, and if you see ways we can still improve that you will reach out and let me know.


    This plan will begin Monday, September 16th


    The NEW IMPROVED SAFE AND LOVING Dismissal Procedure for Weybridge Elementary School:


    All students, K-6, will exit the building through the main door at our main entrance


    Staff will be in the hallway to ensure that students exit with ease, getting to the right place at the right time


    Kirsten will be standing at the bus:


    IF the student is getting on the BUS, then the student will board right  away


    IF the student is being PICKED-UP, Parents or an authorized adult will let Kirsten know they are here and she will check the pick up as complete


    ALL CHILDREN will either be on the bus or picked up through Kirsten.  Children will not be able to leave the outdoor classroom area until a parent has let Kirsten know they are picking up.


    (As always, notes/phone calls with parent permission make it possible for others to pick up your child.  Many of us are parents too and we get it!)


    If a child wants to play on the playground, we say YAY, but we also say that the parent has to pick the child up first and bring them to the playground, or there needs to be a note/phone call that another parent is picking up a child.  We want to make sure that parents are supervising because we are not supervising at that time.


    Lastly, please know that we want you to come into school as often as possible, please remember that this can only happen through entrance at the main door. Our hope is not to discourage the lovely connections that are well established, but to ensure that our school is emotionally and physically safe.


    Please do not hesitate to reach out if you want to talk about this change to our dismissal procedure.



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