• Home of the Tigers!

    Andrew Conforti

    Assistant Principal & Director of Athletics and Activities

    Phone – 382-1600

    Tiger Philosophy

    Good sportsmanship sets a tone, something we should expect from ourselves and those around us. It’s a matter of tiger pride that we practice good sportsmanship in all that we do and say at Middlebury Union Middle School. Winning is only for a day, but sportsmanship is for life.

    MUMS strives to provide athletic and activity programs which excite and challenge students. The programs function as an integral part of the MUMS learning environment. The athletics and activities offered at MUMS promote dedication to excellence, hard work, self-discipline, teamwork, self-control, citizenship, physical, mental and emotional growth.
    The values and attitudes learned in the athletic and activity programs enhance what the students learn in the classroom and help contribute to the complete education of the individual.

    Spectators play an integral role in many activities at MUMS. By modeling the behavior themselves, spectators at MUMS should support our core values of compassion, caring and acting responsibly while helping us create a sense of belonging in a safe environment. Also through their behavior, spectators should help MUMS students develop the qualities of honesty, respect, perseverance and responsibility to self and others as stated in the ACSU Mission Statement.
    Participation in athletics and activities at MUMS is a PRIVILEGE. During the season of participation, students are expected to conduct themselves in a reasonable, appropriate and respectful manner. Each student’s behavior should reflect positively on their family, school, and the community.