• Mary Hogan School Library and Media Center
    Policies and Responsibilities

    All students at Mary Hogan School have a library account. The circulation policies are as follows:

    Checkout Limits 

    Kindergarten  — 1 book                                                 "It's a Book" bookcover            

    1st & 2nd Grade — 2 books

    3rd & 4th Grade — 3 books

    5th & 6th Grade — 3 books


    The loan period for all books is two weeks, except during school vacations when the loan period is often extended.

    Did you know that parents and guardians can also have an account with us? Just stop by the circulation desk! Come in and choose some of your favorite books to read out loud to your child.

    Overdue Notices 

    Overdue notices are sent weekly by email if possible. If you are not receiving emails from our system and wish to do so, please contact us. We also try to print overdue notices at least once a month. These are sent home with the students. There are no fines for overdue books, but the hope is books will be returned in a timely manner for others to enjoy. If a student wishes to Renew a book, he or she needs to bring it to the circulation desk to be renewed. If the book is on hold for another student, it cannot be renewed. 

     "But excuse me that is my book" bookcover

    Lost or Damaged Books

    If materials from the library have been lost or damaged, our policy is to call the student’s home in the hope that a parent or guardian can help locate the overdue materials. Once the material is determined to be lost or damaged, students can "work" off the fine (about 30 minutes of library community service work). Often times this community service gives the student a heightened sense of responsibility for the materials he or she borrows. We are always happy to work with students in figuring out how to continue their borrowing privileges. We want our books in their hands!

    If you have determined your student has lost or ruined a book, and wish to help replace it, you may send cash or a check made out to “Mary Hogan Library” in an envelope marked Attn:Library. 


    Call the circulation desk at 382-1428 and speak to Liz or Julie with any questions you have about your student's account. Often overdue books are either still in the classroom, or have been reshelved in our collection without being scanned.  We are happy to help track them down!
     "We're Going on a Book Hunt" bookcover