The Strategic Planning Advisory Committee was asked to advise ACSD in four ways:

    1. Help define equity in the planning process
    2. Advise how to better engage the community
    3. Provide input on what data should be collected by the district, and
    4. Work in partnership with the board and staff to develop priorities and then determine how to work towards those priorities.

    Please read more about the scope of the committee's work here for ENGLISH and here for SPANISH.

    The committee to met between December 2021 and September 2022. Most meetings will took place after 5pm with a couple of meetings held in-person and others fully online to minimize transportation logistics and follow COVID safe practices.


    ACSD Advisory Committee 2021-2022 Members

    Amanda Gomes Middlebury Middlebury Union High School  Student
    Addison Copeland Middlebury Middlebury Union High School  Student
    Abigail Sunderland Bridport Middlebury Union High School  Student
    Christal Brown Middlebury Middlebury Union Middle School Parents/Caregivers
    Ruth Shattuck Bernstein Shoreham Middlebury Union High School  Parents/Caregivers
    Liam Battjes-Greenwood Vergennes Middlebury Union High School  Educators/Staff
    Claire Benjamin Middlebury Cornwall Elementary School Educators/Staff
    Christina Wadsworth Weybridge Weybridge Elementary School Educators/Staff (New Seat)
    Michael Little Middlebury Middlebury Union Middle School Community Members At-Large/ Parent/caregiver)
    Jessie Witscher Bridport Middlebury Union Middle School Community Members At-Large
    Alejandra Perez Bridport Middlebury Union Middle School Community Members At-Large/ Parent/caregiver)
    Esther Thomas Middlebury N/A Community Members At-Large/Elected Leader
    Justin Campbell   Middlebury Union High School  Principal
    Nicole Carter   Central Office Dir. Equity and Student Services
    Peter Burrows   Central Office Superintendent (non voting)
    Emily Blistein   Central Office Dir. of Communications (non voting)
    Fernanda Canales   Salisbury Elementary School Interpreter/Principal (non voting)
    Emma Mulvaney-Stanak Burlington N/A Facilitator (non voting)


    The district invited committee members to be partners in the work to develop a strategic plan that meets the needs of our entire community. Particular attention was given to selecting members who hold underrepresented identities (ex: Black, Indigenous, people of color, LGBTQ+ folks, people living in poverty, people living with a disability, etc.). The committee has 13 members. 3 students, 2 parents/caregivers, 2 educators/staff, 4 community members at-large, 1 principal and the Director of Equity and Student Services.


    Even if not selected for the committee, there were numerous, ongoing opportunities for committee involvement. This is an overview of the original timeline in ENGLISH and in SPANISH. We sent numerous community-wide emails from the Co-Chairs as the committee began (those updates can now be found HERE), created an online form open and available for all to provide feedback for several weeks, and continually welcomed any community members to reach out with any questions or for conversation. 



    ACSD hired consultant Emma Mulvaney-Stanak to plan and guide the committee's work. For questions about the committee's work you may reach out to Emma directly emma@emstrategiesvt.com or contact, Emily Blistein, ACSD Director of Communications and Engagement eblistein@acsdvt.org 

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