• Summer 2022

    ACSD educators were busy this summer! 


    Once again, colleagues learned together and collaborated at Curriculum Camp in June, and many educators completed small group and independent work funded by local Curriculum Writing Grants

    An elementary educator team collaborated to develop an Approaches to Learning (ATL) Scope and Sequence with the goal of strengthening universal instruction across elementary schools. The work involved auditing ATL skills currently taught and assessed in the PK-5 program, looking for redundancies and gaps, sharing drafts with colleagues for feedback, and revising accordingly.  The first chance to get an update on this work will be an ATL workshop session facilitated by Joy Dobson on the afternoon of Thursday, August 25. 

    A team of educators from early primary grades, intervention, and SLP collaborated to develop a district Scope & Sequence around Phonemic Awareness. The team studied research around phonemic awareness, looked at examples of scope and sequences, and outlined a district framework. They also considered phonemic awareness assessments and made recommendations for district-wide use of a common assessment.  The first chance to get an update on this work will be a literacy workshop session facilitated by Heather Gebo on the afternoon of Thursday, August 25.   

    To support the incoming MUMS Math Department, ACSD math teachers collaborated to codify the 6th-8th grade subject group overview and unit plans.  Pam Quinn will get updates to all MUMS math teachers.

    ACSD nurses and counselors collaborated to align a K-5 Wellness Curriculum with attention to drug and alcohol prevention, Act 1, puberty, health, nutrition, and SEL.  A small team met for two days this summer to help frame a year of collaboration for elementary nurses and counselors.  Middle school and high school health educators joined in to inform vertical alignment. 

    Several ACSD educators collaborated in June to develop a plan to expand our current mentor model into a New Teacher Orientation and Induction Model, which will officially launch with orientation and mentor training on August 23.

    Many K-12 special educators returned to work early to dig into Special Education Case Management preparation and planning.  

    Teams of MUMS educators collaborated with building leaders to strengthen Systems and Structures for Responding to Student Behavior and to dig into School Climate and Culture with a focus on building a joyful working environment to support joyful learning.  MUMS colleagues can expect updates during school-based activities throughout preweek.  


    THANK YOU to all of our colleagues who went above and beyond with collaborative projects this summer.  Your positive energy was an inspiration, and your efforts have set us up for a strong start to the new school year in so many ways.