• School Board Committees


    The ACSD Board currently has five committees to support efficient operation in its essential work areas. Information about each committee is provided below. 


    The Community is welcome to join our committee meetings! Please visit our "Board and Committee Meetings" page to find links to committee meeting minutes and materials for up-to-date information on each committee's work. Current committee topics and instructions on how to join our meetings can be found on the latest agenda.  Visit our Meeting Calendar to find upcoming committee meeting dates.


    Communications and Engagement Committee

    Committee Members -- Mary Heather Noble, Tricia Allen, Ellie Romp

    The Communications & Engagement Committee is responsible for developing and implementing public engagement systems that support the Board’s vision that all students will reach their full academic potential and be prepared for success as engaged citizens. This work involves crafting and issuing communications to the ACSD community regarding the Board’s actions and events through newsletters, local news outlets, and direct correspondence. The committee is also charged with inviting public comments and questions on Board activities, and engaging the ACSD community in public meetings for larger Board decisions, including budgeting, facilities planning, and other broad topics. The Communications & Engagement Committee works closely with Central Office staff to maintain public record of all Board and Committee meetings, and to ensure public access to data and information that inform Board decisions.

    Facilities Committee

    Committee Members -- James Malcolm, Jason Chance, Ellen Whelan-Wuest, Brian Bauer, Barbara Wilson

    The Facilities Committee was created in September of 2019 out of the work started in 2018 by the Planning and Engagement Committee around a District-wide facilities master plan. Since that time, the primary function of the Facilities Committee has been to lead the process and work towards a comprehensive Facilities Master Plan to ensure that investments in our buildings support student learning objectives.


    Formation of the Master Plan is guided by the ACSD Strategic Plan and the District’s transition to becoming an International Baccalaureate World District -- with the intention of aligning facilities and education planning with the District’s financial and enrollment realities. The committee oversees all aspects of the Facilities Master Planning process, including a comprehensive audit of the ACSD’s collective resources, as well as collection and analysis of academic, demographic, enrollment, fiscal, and other data relevant to facilities planning decisions. The Facilities Committee also coordinates closely with the Communications & Engagement Committee to provide opportunities for public participation in the Facilities Master Planning process, and to incorporate community feedback into the Board’s decision-making around facilities.


    The Facilities Committee is ultimately responsible for preparation of a final Facilities Master Plan, with recommendations on the best configuration of District resources to ensure student success, equitable opportunities across the entire ACSD learning community, and fiscal responsibility to ASCD taxpayers.

    Finance Committee

    Committee Members -- James Malcolm, Steve Orzech, Jason Chance


    The Finance Committee is responsible for ensuring the Board exercises fiduciary responsibility, and carries out its mission within budgetary and resource limitations. The committee works with the Superintendent and Business Manager to review the District’s quarterly finance reports and address any unexpected issues that might impact the spending plan. The committee also works with the administration during formation of the proposed budget to review impacts and guide the budget proposal before bringing it to the full board. Two members of the Finance Committee routinely review all bills on a weekly or biweekly schedule, and present invoice summaries at board meetings for full Board approval. Other board members can be integrated into the schedule as desired.

    Negotiations Committee 

    Committee Members -- Steve Orzech, Suzanne Buck, Jamie McCallum


    The Negotiations Committee is responsible for negotiating union contracts --also known as collective bargain agreements-- with the District's teachers' and support staff unions. Both are chapters of the Vermont National Education Association.


    The committee generally meets with representatives of the unions starting six months before the expiration of a current contract. Because the work of the committee is negotiating contracts, committee meetings are held in executive session, as allowed under Vermont's Open Meeting Law.


    In general, the committee meets right before a negotiations session, recesses for the joint negotiating meetings with union representatives, then returns to its committee meeting to "caucus" and discuss the back-and-forth proposals. Negotiation sessions are usually held every two weeks with each bargaining unit. The committee is usually assisted by an attorney with experience in school board negotiations, as well as by the superintendent and central office staff providing information to both sides as needed. If the negotiations go beyond the expiration of the current contract, employees continue to work under the terms of that contract.

    Policy Committee

    Committee Members -- Lindsey Hescock, Joanna Doria, Suzanne Buck, Jamie McCallum


    The Policy and Governance Committee is charged with researching and developing policies that reflect the values and mission of the ACSD, and prepare all students to reach their full academic potential and success as engaged citizens. The committee is also responsible for ensuring that all District policies are in compliance with Vermont and federal laws and regulations. Policies are developed, adopted, and monitored by the full board.  Policy review occurs approximately every 3 years.All policies are posted on the District website under ACSD School Board, Policies and Procedures.


    Policies adopted during 2020-21: 

    9/14/20 C3 Transportation

    9/14/20 C29 Equity Policy

    10/12/20 B8 Electronic Communications Between Employees and Students

    10/26/20 C12 Prevention of Sexual Harassment as Prohibited by Title IX

    5/24/21 Homeless Students

    5/24/21 Personnel Recruitment, Selection, Appointment


    Policies currently in development:

    F26 Security Cameras

    Flag Policy