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  • The Facilities Master Plan (FMP) was formed out of the 2017 inquiry into moving the 6th grade to MUMS, and the realization that we need to pursue long-term planning to make well-informed decisions about the ACSD’s collective resources.  The FMP process is guided by the ACSD Strategic Plan and the District’s transition to becoming an International Baccalaureate World District, and is intended to set priorities for future capital improvements and provide a map for the use of District resources over the next 10 years.


    Why a Facilities Master Plan

    • Many of the ACSD’s school buildings are under-utilized and have suffered deferred maintenance over the years. A longer range analysis of our collective facilities will allow the District to be thoughtful about prioritizing projects and investing in a potential long-term bond.
    • Our current financial and enrollment realities do not support continuing the status quo -- increasing per pupil costs jeopardize our ability to fully staff schools and provide consistent, equitable services and opportunities to all students across the District.
    • Pro-active long-term planning will encourage stability in staffing and resources at ACSD schools, as opposed to making last-minute cuts in reaction to annual budget shortfalls. 
    • A Facilities Master Plan will allow the District to align investment in facilities with the ACSD Board’s vision for equity of access to education programming and resources across the ACSD learning community.


    Our Facilities Master Plan Journey 

    The Facilities Master Planning process has involved four years of data collection and analysis, professional study and recommendation, public engagement, and Board/Committee deliberation -- all to help identify the best configuration of District resources to ensure student success, equitable opportunities across the entire ACSD learning community, and fiscal responsibility to ASCD taxpayers. Links to pertinent meetings, presentations, reports, and other information are embedded in this document.


    Where we are in the process

    The ACSD Board paused the Facilities Master Planning process in January 2021, in light of the uncertainty around the pandemic, questions arising around Ripton’s secession, and the strain it was placing on ACSD in addition to other work the District was working to accomplish -- including final IB authorizations, transitioning 6th-graders to MUMS, and filling key leadership positions. 

    The ACSD Board intends to resume the Facilities Master Planning process once the District has progressed further on those efforts and COVID recovery planning, and has a clearer understanding of the impact of Ripton’s withdrawal on our learning community. However, the financial challenges driving the Facilities Master Planning process remain significant and will require our full attention in the near future. The Board anticipates returning to the process around September 2021, once current uncertainties have been resolved and in-person community engagement is safer. Upon returning to the FMP work, we will be completing the components of the plan that include the following:

    • transportation analysis 
    • synthesizing the facilities and transportation model data 
    • revising the educational staffing model to reflect the model chosen 
    • creating a community based action team to build vision for future of potential vacant buildings
    • intra district/ school choice policy 
    • short and long term facility investment priorities 
    • solidifying vision for sustainability
    • funding models and bond strategy/timeline


    E-Chat Videos

    The ACSD School Board has recorded this series of E-Chat videos to provide our community an opportunity to gain greater understanding of why we are doing this work and address questions you may have about this work.  The videos can be view by following this link.

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