• Coronavirus Relief Funding Opportunities for Households 

    These are resources that have been made available throughout the state for Vermonters experiencing economic hardship or those who may be at risk of homelessness due to COVID-19. 

    Vermont Department of Public Service: Vermont COVID-19 Arrearage Assistance Program

    • Vermonters suffering economic hardship due to loss of income from COVID-19 can get help now to pay their arrearages for residential and non-residential accounts. The program provides financial support to customers of regulated utilities who may face disconnection of service because of past-due balances.  The program provides eligible Vermont households with a grant to assist with past-due balances for electricity, natural gas, regulated private water and wired/landline telephone bills. Residential households and non-residential account holders who have suffered an economic hardship due to loss of income precipitated by COVID-19 may apply for assistance. Residential applicants may only apply for a grant for their primary residence.  

    VHFA Vermont COVID Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program

    • The State of Vermont received money through the Federal CARES Act to help people pay back mortgage payments they have missed due to COVID-19. Vermont Housing Finance Agency (VHFA) is accepting applications. Funding is limited, and applications will be accepted until funding expires.

    VSHA Rental Housing Stabilization Program

    • The Vermont State Housing Authority (VSHA) Rental Housing Stabilization Program (RHSP) is for funding landlords on behalf of tenants in need of rental arrearage assistance due to COVID-19 to avert tenant eviction.  This program will provide the VSHA Payment Standard or the actual amount due for the month(s) being claimed, whichever is less, per household at a single unit who meet eligibility criteria.  The goal of this program is to prevent homelessness and to provide housing stability. 

    VHSA Money to Move Program

    • If you are a Vermonter and you cannot stay in your current housing, you may be eligible for help.  The Money to Move program could help you move into a new rental unit. If you are in one of these situations (or a similar situation):
      • You can no longer afford where you live (including costs of utilities/transportation)
      • The unit needs repairs that aren’t being made
      • You are suffering harassment where you live
      • You are living on a friend’s couch
      • You need to live closer to work, family, or school
      • The size of the unit is too big or too small for your household
    • You must have a landlord willing to rent to you.  You must wait to apply until you have found a place to move to.  You and your new landlord will fill out an application together.  If approved, the money would be sent directly to the landlord.  Money to Move can provide a security deposit and first month’s rent.