• Caring for our space helps us with:

    Stress management




    Organizational skills

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    Take Care of Our Space

  • Links


    For Adults

    5 Ways to Develop Your Child's Organizational Skills

    Teaching Responsibility

    5 Family Activities to Improve Organizational Skills


    For Students

    Mindfulness and Meditation:

    Space Breathing-Making Space in our Minds


    Jack Johnson- Upside Down

    Clean Up Song

    5 Minute Music Timer for Kids

    10 Minute Music Timer for Kids


    Make checklists. Make a To-Do list and check things off as you go. Be sure to include your schoolwork, chores, and all of your fun activities too!

    Be the teacher. Plan a math lesson for your class. Come up with a few of your favorite problems to solve and share them with your class. Make sure you know how to solve them and teach others to do the same.

    Start a CollectionFind something around your home that you can collect; sticks, rocks, leaves. Organize a space to keep them and begin to sort and manage your collection so others can enjoy as well. 

    Raise a Pet Rock. Create a space that will be perfect for your pet rock. Include a place for it to eat, sleep, and play. Keep that space organized for your rock and be sure to show others what you’ve created and why.

    Get Organized- Use a timer below to challenge yourself to clean a space in your home or outside. Can you organize the space in 5 minutes or maybe 10? See which spaces take longer to organize than others. Record what you learn and report back to your class.