• What is self-care?

    Self-care refers to activities we do with intention on a regular basis to reduce stress and improve health and well-being. Students and adults of all ages benefit from self-care.

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     How do we teach children self-care?

    When thinking about teaching self-care to young children, the most important thing we can do is model and encourage healthy habits. This means as adults, we need to engage in our own self-care. Give yourself permission to take care of you! It’s like that old airplane analogy: you have to put on your own mask before assisting others. More links are below.


    Self-care means having balance. When you start teaching thoughtfulness and intention around these practices at a young age, it helps to promote life-long well-being. Teach children not only what to do, but why. Why do we have a bedtime, eat vegetables at dinner, get exercise, do things that make us happy, hug our loved-ones, laugh together, turn off our screens and play, etc? Because they’re habits that are good for us! They help our minds and bodies grow strong. They make us calm and happy. They are self-care!

  • Self-Care Video

    MHS Self Care

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