• ACSD Board and Committee Meeting Documents

    Meeting times, dates, and locations can be found on the top of the meeting agenda and on the calendar on the homepage of our website.

Board Meetings:

  • Committee Meetings:

    Meeting Materials include the meeting agenda and the minutes from the previous committee meeting.  Meeting times and virtual login information can be found at the top of the agenda.

  • Meeting Calendar
  • Board Meeting Recordings by MCTV
  • Facilities Committee Meeting 9/23/20 - Video 1 of 2 (includes the presentation by Caitlin Steele and Vicki Wells)
  • Facilities Committee Meeting 9/23/20 - Video 2
  • 6-8 MUMS Schedule Proposal - Slides from the 10/12/20 Presentation to the Board
  • Porch Conversations and Themes - Slides from 10/27/20 Board Meeting