Our Facilities Master Plan Journey

  • April—June 2017

    Grade configuration study—Superintendent’s Listening Tour, two surveys and three regional Community Forums

    July 2017

    Conducted initial Facility Condition Assessment

    September 2017 - June 2018 

    ACSD Facilities Master Plan process development

    April 2018

    ACSD Board formally charged the Planning and Engagement Committee with the development of a district-wide Facilities Master Plan 

    June 2018

    ACSD Facilities Master Plan Steering Committee formation

    November 2018

    Conducted three community dialogues 

    November 2018 - April 2019

    Community feedback survey and emails collected

    ACSD Board reviewed initial community data and prepared draft recommendations

    April 2019

    Conducted three community dialogues focused on potential school configurations

    Community feedback emails collected

    April - August 2019

    Analyzed data and community feedback

    Extended Facilities Master Plan timeline

    Hired an architecture firm to conduct an elementary school study

    Developed guiding principles

    Action to move 6th grade to MUMS by fall 2021

    September 2019

    Formation of the Facilities Committee

    Created Frequently Asked Questions

    October 2019

    Timeline extended to the end of the school year to allow for further community engagement at each of our elementary schools

    November 2019—January 2020

    Board visits schools and meets with parent groups

    January 2020

    Community Presentation on the Elementary School Study Findings

    March 2020

    Elementary school study proposal development

    Temporary hold on further actions involving the Facilities Master Plan development

    May 2020

    Hold ends on the Facilities Master Plan development

    August 2020

    Decision to evaluate three and four school models (one and two school models will not be pursued)

    Sept - November 2020

    Board hosts 10 Porch Conversations at six towns across ACSD

    October 2020 - present

    Transportation Study conducted by consultant, Tim Ammon

    Bond strategy to address facilities needs (immediate, planning for the future, and an investment period)

    School Choice/Intradistrict transfer evaluation 

    January 2021

    Timeline extended