• ACSD Facilities Master Plan

    The Facilities Master Plan (FMP) was formed out of the inquiry into moving the 6th grade to MUMS and the realization that we need to pursue long-term planning to address our challenges, take advantage of our opportunities, and make well-informed decisions.  It is a foundational plan to direct and guide the use of district resources over the next 10 years.  This document will guide the board and community with future capital improvements, help set priorities, and provide a map.


    Why a Facilities Master Plan

    • A longer range look at the district’s complex array of facilities to be thoughtful about investment in a potential long-term bond.

    • Planning long-term and proactively as opposed to short-term and reactively.

    • Our current realities do not support continuing the status quo, as declining enrollment and resulting increase in per pupil cost are requiring us to find solutions and think creatively as we look to our future.

    • Align investment in facilities with the ACSD Board’s vision for equity of access to ensure the allocation of resources as necessary to establish a foundation of instructional experiences and learning opportunities so all students can become principled, knowledgeable and caring citizens.


    Where we are in the process

    • The Board agreed on Monday January 26th to put the Facilities Master Planning process on “pause” for the time being.  There were many factors that contributed to this decision.  In addition to the increasing stress and fatigue of COVID, they include: planning for the 6th grade move to MUMS, assessing and planning to close the learning gap created by COVID, hiring two key district positions; MUMS Principal and ACSD Business Manager, planning for the Governor's order of having secondary students return to school full time in April, and calculating the impact of Ripton’s potential secession from ACSD.  In order for district staff to fully engage in these projects that will directly impact students, we felt it was prudent to lessen their work load by pausing the FMP.  In addition, it is the Board’s hope that the community will appreciate the pause and be reinvigorated to engage when we begin again.  In June, district leaders and the Board will examine potential times to restart with an anticipated return to this important work at the beginning of the 21/22 school year.  Implementation of the plan will not begin until at least 2023 and thus we feel that the “pause’ will not impact its timing.

    • Upon returning to the FMP work, we will be completing the components of the plan that include the following

      • transportation analysis 

      • synthesizing the facilities and transportation model data 

      • revising the educational staffing model to reflect the model chosen 

      • creating a community based action team to build vision for future of potential vacant buildings

      • intra district/ school choice policy 

      • short and long term facility investment priorities 

      • solidifying vision for sustainability

      • funding models and bond strategy/timeline



    Draft Facilities Master Plan Timeline/Process


    Video recordings of recent Facilities Committee meetings can be found with committee meeting information posted on the Board and Committee Meeting page of our website.  

Upcoming Opportunities for Community Engagement

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Information and Documents

  • Facilities Master Plan FAQs
  • Board Updates
  • Our Facilities Master Plan Journey
  • Student Enrollment Update Shared at the 10/26/20 Board Meeting
  • Three and Four School Models
  • Three School Model Considerations (from 6/18/2020 Facilities Committee Meeting)
  • TruexCullins Elementary School Study
  • Planning Document 2018-2019

Past Community Engagements

  • Porch Conversations - Fall 2020
  • TruexCullins Elementary School Study Proposal to School Board and Community - March 10, 2020
  • Community Presentation on the Facilities Master Plan Development and Elementary School Study Results - January 27, 2020
  • "Building Our Future" Community Dialogues - April 2019
  • Community Dialogues - Fall 2018
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