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  • Dinner Together Campaign

  • Beginning in March, please join our ACSD community in the Dinner Together Challenge.  This campaign highlights the simple yet profound impact of eating together. From promoting healthier eating habits to deepening family connections, sharing meals matters.  We invite you to set a weekly goal that makes sense for your family and that brings intention to the practice of family meals. Thank you to Addison County RiseVT, "OK: You've Got This", and the UVM Health and Medical Center for bringing this campaign and Dinner Together family resources to ACSD.

    We will be sending home:

    • information about why family meals matter
    • recipe cards with fun and nutritious meals to make together 
    • tips to increase family connection  

    Concurrently, students will be learning about nutrition and the benefits of screen free meals and family meal time and connection.  WE will sponsor school-based celebrations for participation and will feature participating families and classrooms in the Addison Independent.  We hope there will be many opportunities to connect, engage in conversation, have fun, and make family meals a priority during the month of March and onwards!

    To participate in the Dinner Together Family Challenge, we invite you to:

    1. Share more meals together, when and how it makes sense for your family.
    2. Agree to enjoy tech-free meals together.  
    3. Complete the “challenge tracking card” each week and submit the card at the end of March.  We will send the card home in your child’s Friday Folder.
    4. Incorporate new ideas from the Dinner Together Campaign or Family Meal Toolkit.
    5. Spread the word and raise awareness by joining our photo contest.  Send your family photos to us at acsddinnertogether@gmail.com to be shared with the Addison Independent and social media, post your own family photos with #ACSDdinnertogether, and follow us on Instagram at acsddinnertogether.

    Please join our ACSD Dinner Together Challenge!

    Image credit  https://addison.risevt.org/dinner-together/