• At individual meetings with their School Counselors, Juniors were given the following resources:


    Junior to-do list


     Junior month-to-month calendar



     Post-secondary and College Planning Guide



     Commonapp is a comprehensive on line application that enables students to apply to colleges and universities using a centralized form.  Students are able to create their own account on the Common Application which is utilized by close to 700 member institutions.  The Common Application is free to use, but each student will have to pay to submit the application to the colleges and universities to which they are applying, unless they have a fee waiver.   The Common Application’s website is filled with helpful information as to how to apply to their member colleges and universities, a virtual counselor, and more.


    The Common App 2020-2021 Essay Prompts The essay is a required component of the Common Application and is an excellent way for each student to share their ideas, visions, and dreams with the admission committee. Admission officers appreciate when students “show, and don’t tell” when writing their essays.  Take time to prepare the essay, write clearly and thoughtfully; students  are encouraged to share their essay with others to review and offer suggestions prior to submission.  Be sure to stick to the 650 word limit that is prescribed and be careful to avoid topics that might be considered controversial.   


    https://www.naviance.com/ an online college counseling partner.  Each student and parent has an account and are encouraged to make regular use of Naviance which has links to over 5000 colleges and universities.  Naviance has links to helpful  websites that are related to higher education and resources related to career information.  


    Naviance overview