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    Students in this course will gain an understanding of and the ability to apply materials, tools and techniques in creating digital photography. The work of great photographers and movements will be integrated to support these aims. This is a hands-on, lab-based art course that requires students to be self-directed and demonstrate an ability to manage long-term and complex assignments, equipment and materials. Throughout the course, students will develop a portfolio of images that demonstrates a personal voice and a thorough understanding of the technical aspects of digital photography.



  • Units of Study:

    Unit 1: Camera Basics,file management.

    Unit 2: Composition, fundamentals of art

    Unit 3: Qualities of light

    Unit 4: Editing

    Unit 5: Action

    Unit 6: History

    Unit 7: Abstract/Alternative techniques

    Unit 8: Portraiture

    Unit 9: Sense of Place

    Unit 10: PIP (Personal Interest Project)