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    Currently there is no French Ab Initio course offering.

    Course Description:

    In the language B course, students develop proficiency in the target language through the study of language and culture. In doing so, they develop conceptual understandings of how language works and intercultural understanding. Communication is evidenced through receptive, productive and interactive skills across a range of contexts and purposes that are appropriate to the level of the course.

    In this course students will build upon the grammatical foundations of the previous levels while exploring deeper linguistic and cultural themes of global importance. Students will explore modern and historical issues, such as revolution and war, access to education, art, environmental and physical health, language and identities, and immigration, all within a global context. 

    Students expand the range of their communication skills by understanding and producing a wide variety of oral and written texts for audiences, contexts and purposes associated with academic and personal interests. For the development of receptive skills, language B students must study authentic texts that explore the cultures of the target language. In addition, the study of two literary works is required at HL.

    A key aim of the language B course is to develop international-mindedness through the study of language, culture, and ideas and issues of global significance. Explicit links to TOK strengthen the ability to communicate in the target language by increasing students’ self-awareness as inquirers in their own language learning process.

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