• Summer 2019 Curriculum Camps and Grants

    Once again, we are thrilled to offer opportunities for ACSD educators to engage in individual and collaborative curriculum design over the summer.  


    PYP, MYP, and DP Curriculum Camps

    The theme of this June's curriculum camps is "IB for all." Join us for a series of brief learning experiences aligned with differentiation strategies and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) guidelines. Benefit from collaboration with colleagues and support from IB coordinators as you write and revise curriculum and assessments to maximize access and opportunity for all learners.

    Use this form to register for the Summer Curriculum Camps hosted by ACSD's Teaching and Learning Team this June. Register by Thursday, March 28 to reserve your spot. Additional participants welcome beyond that deadline as funding allows.


    Curriculum Development Grants

    Any ACSD teacher or team of teachers can apply for a grant to fund curriculum development work completed beyond contract hours. Curriculum development in this context is broadly defined as work targeted to improve teaching and learning in one or more ACSD schools. While teachers are welcome to apply individually for funding, preference will be given to collaborative projects that are targeted at maximizing access and opportunity for all learners (e.g., focus on UDL, differentiation, formative assessment).

    Grant projects must be approved by building administrators or direct supervisors, and applications should clearly articulate how this work contributes to the advancement of ACSD’s Strategic Plan. Teachers will be compensated $175/day for work, not to exceed the total number of days approved through the application process.

    Grant applications are due on or before April 30, 2019. Grants will be prioritized based on alignment with school and district goals and awarded as funding allows. Applicants are encouraged to discuss ideas with principals/supervisors prior to submitting this form.