• Parent Question

    Posted by Cindy Atkins on 2/8/2019 10:30:00 AM

    "Will the DP courses be weighted similar to how AP courses are now weighted in the GPA calculation."  


    Yes, the higher level (HL) DP courses will be weighted, just like our current AP courses are weighted.  You can find this information in the 2019-2020 course catalog, on page 15.

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  • Parent Question

    Posted by Cindy Atkins on 2/4/2019 8:15:00 AM

    "If my son or daughter wants to take a semester abroad during their junior or senior year is it still possible to be a full diploma candidate?" 


    Unfortunately, given that IB has distinct requirements around course content and internal assessments it is very difficult to take a semester away.  But, if a student were to find an IB school, and enroll in the same courses they would be taking while at MUHS, then they could ideally go abroad for the first semester of their junior year.  This also means they would need to be working on their extended essay and CAS while away.  After the first semester there are internal assessments that must be taken and deadlines for the draft of the extended essay, it becomes extremely difficult to be away. 

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  • DP Presentation, Jan. 31st

    Posted by Cindy Atkins on 2/1/2019 2:30:00 PM

    Thank you to all the parents and students who attended last night's presentation on the Diploma Program.  We were thrilled to have such great attendance!!  


    The full presentation can be viewed here online.  Select the Community Updates tab from the IB sidebar, and the presentation should appear under Community Updates.


    Remember, the DP Handbook is on our website, under the Diploma Program tab.  Also, you can view the 2019-2020 MUHS Course Catalog online.  Go to the Services tab on the main homepage, select Guidance, and scroll down on the sidebar until you see 2019-2020 Course Catalog.


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