Creativity - Activity - Service (CAS)

  • The CAS Program is at the heart of IB and is a requirement for successful completion of the IB Diploma Program. CAS enables students to enhance their personal development through a meaningful experience that fosters self-discovery and community-mindedness. For many, CAS is profound and life-changing. Each individual student has a different starting point, different needs, and goals. A CAS program is, therefore, individualized according to student interests, skills, values and background.


    CAS is organized around the three strands of creativity, activity and service defined as:

    • Creativity—exploring and extending ideas leading to an original or interpretive product or performance
    • Activity—physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle
    • Service—collaborative and reciprocal engagement with the community in response to an authentic need


    Through the pursuit of the three CAS strands, students maintain a portfolio as evidence of their experiences. Over 18 months, coinciding with the start of the DP Program, CAS students are expected to demonstrate seven specific learning outcomes, compose written reflections on their experiences and undertake a substantial CAS project of at least a month’s duration that addresses one or more CAS strands.