• Curriculum: MYP Subject Briefs

     The MYP is designed for students in grades 6 to 10; our MYP offerings will be in grades 7 through 10. It provides a framework of learning that encourages students to become creative, critical and reflective thinkers. The MYP emphasizes intellectual challenge, encourageing students to make connections between their studies in traditional subjects and the real world. It fosters the development of skills for communication, intercultural and global engagement -- essential qualities for young people who are becoming global leaders. At MUHS, students will be expected to complete courses in the six core areas as 9th (MYP Year 4) and 10th (MYP Year 5) graders. The six core areas are Language & Literature, Language Acquisition, Individuals & Societies, Science, Math and Physical Education/Health. Additionally, students at MUHS earn 2 credits in the Arts (visual or performing) and/or Design. 

    These MYP Subject Briefs give an overview of the curriculum in each subject: