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    This year, MUHS continues on its journey toward becoming an authorized International Baccalaureate World School. The Middle Years Program (MYP) encourages student-centered lessons, a focus on concept-based learning and inquiry, and strategies to teach students to apply their thinking in diverse circumstances in the classroom and the World.

    One way in which the MYP encourages genuine growth of student learning is through a capstone project for 10th graders called the Personal Project. The Personal Project is an opportunity for students who are in the final year of the MYP to apply critical and creative thinking skills toward the completion of an independent inquiry into a topic of their own choosing. The topic should be meaningful and challenging to students while not taking over their already busy lives. Below is a list of possible topics, but this list is not exhaustive -- the possibilities are endless!

    Personal Project Details:

    • The Personal Project is an individual project completed in the 10th grade year.
    • It consists of three main components: a product, a process journal, and a written or oral explanation of the product.
    • Students have the opportunity to choose their topic and enjoy learning about it.
    • Students will work with their advisors, who will coach them through the completion of their inquiry.
    • Students will have time during the regular school day and throughout the year to work on their projects.
    • Through this project, students:  
      • Demonstrate the personal abilities and skills required to produce and present an extended piece of work  
      • Engage in personal inquiry, action and reflection on specific topics and issues  
      • Reflect on learning and share knowledge, views, and opinions with others



    MYP - IB Personal Project Topic Ideas:


    Writing a book • Writing a poem • Investigating dairy farming and milk quality • Tracking emerald ash borer infestations • Writing a script • Writing a song • Developing a marketing campaign to address an important issue • Training a pet • Composing a song • Building something - like a guitar, furniture, etc. • Developing a plan for a solar powered car • Learning how to play an instrument • Learning to play a sport • Using physics to perfect a sport (a pool shot, a hockey shot, a free-throw, etc.) • Developing a new strategy for chess, poker or another game • Starting a business • Developing a recipe • Designing and making jewelry • Producing and directing a documentary • Producing and directing a music video • Researching the value of wetlands • Producing and directing an exercise video • Demonstrating how to do something • Doing a research/lab report for an original scientific idea • Drawing a mural • Throwing pottery • Going on an archeological dig • Researching your genealogy • Debating • Building a proposal/plan • Forming a club • Raising money for charity • Inventing something • Developing a speech • Conducting an experiment • Performing (dance, music, comedy) • Providing a photo essay • Building a model • Developing your own video game • Creating an e-commerce website • Creating a blog • Creating software programs • Small engine repair • Developing a business plan • Designing clothes • Remodeling using eco-friendly material • Launching a Recycling Program • Learning a foreign language