• ACSD Facilities Master Plan

     An overview of the Facilities Master Plan process can be found in this document.


    The Planning & Engagement Committee is currently reviewing the compiled data and initial community feedback to identify emerging themes and possibilities in the context of the guiding principles outlined in the master planning document. The Committee will prepare draft recommendations and identify additional questions for the public to consider in a second round of Community Dialogue Meetings.  More information can be found in this letter from Jennifer Nuceder, Planning & Engagement Committee, ACSD School Board on March 6, 2019.

    Community Dialogues

    Thank you to everyone who attended one of our Community Dialogues in November.  Your voice is important to us and we greatly appreciate your support. We had many really great conversations and have received valuable feedback!  (See this brochure for more details about the meetings and this Letter to the Editor of the Addison Independent from Jennifer Nuceder, Planning & Engagment Committee, ACSD School Board on December 20, 2019.) 

    If you weren’t able to attend one of our Community Dialogue meetings, you may watch the video of the presentation and take a look at the slides & data packets that were shared at the meeting:

    MCTV Video - Community Dialogue Meeting November 14, 2018

    Google Slide Presentation

    Data Packet

    In addition, here is information on current class sizes and project enrollment for 2019 - 2020, by school.

    Join our email list

    Join our email list by sending an email to communityevents@acsdvt.org.  We will send updates about other opportunities to learn more and participate in the conversation.  (Note: We will also be using the ACSD school email list to share updates.)


    There will be another opportunity for our community to come together to further discuss the development of the Facilities Master Plan and provide feedback in April 2019. 


    Updated information will be posted on this web page.