• Middlebury College Collaboration

    In 2017, Addison Central School District and Middlebury College formally established the Addison Central Middlebury Partnership (ACMP) to affirm a set of shared principles (academic rigor, global connection, and educational equity) and to create professional development opportunities for the benefit of Addison Central faculty, as well as mentoring opportunities for college and high school students.  ACMP is an ongoing, dynamic partnership, centered on the implementation of the International Baccalaureate program.  

    The establishment of a Professional Development School (PDS), a school-college partnership model for continuous professional development, is central to the ACMP.  In the years to come, strengthening and formalizing long-established informal opportunities for collaboration will provide greater access, consistency, and structure.  The overarching goal of the partnership is to improve educational opportunities for all participants: faculty, staff, and students from both the college and Addison Central Schools, drawing from and contributing to the strengths and continued evolution of both institutions.



    On Friday, February 15, 2019, ACSD 5th and 6th graders participated in the first ever Youth Citizen Summit hosted at Middlebury College's Bicentennial Hall.  Read about the event on the college website here