• Business Office

    The ACSD Business Office is responsible for these primary functions: Financial Accounting, Reporting & Management, Purchasing & Payment Services, Payroll & Benefits Services, Risk Management Services, Tuition and Residency, Food Service, and Transportation. 

    Financial Accounting, Reporting & Management services includes monthly financial statements, budget reports:  creation, maintenance and amendment, grant reporting and compliance, state reports, audit reports, regular reconciliations of cash accounts and payable & receivables, and establishing, instituting and maintaining an internal control system to assure financial statement accuracy.

    Purchasing & Payment Services include all the processes and systems associated with Purchasing & Accounts Payable; our goal is an efficient, accurate, and accountable Procure-to-Pay Process.  Includes purchase orders, requisitions and invoices and P-Cards.
    Payroll & Benefits Services include accurately processing all payrolls, employee leave time: accruals and utilization, benefits enrollment and payments.
    Risk Management Services include procuring appropriate insurance coverage as well as leading or procuring loss prevention strategies, trainings, and goals.
    Tuition and Residency includes processing of out of district tuition application, tuition billing, and residency verification.
    Food Service includes processing of free and reduced lunch applications, verification, benefit notification, contract management, partnering with a food service management company, and claims processing.
    Transportation includes route development in partnership with transportation company, policy and procedure development, and contract management.
    Brittany Gilman, Business Manager; bgilman@acsdvt.org, 802.382.1280
    Kathy RobertsAssistant Business Manager; kroberts@acsdvt.org, 802.382.1279
    Kristen Laflam, Payroll Coordinator; klaflam@acsdvt.org, 802.382.1283
    Elaine Chiarillo, Finance Staff; echiarillo@acsdvt.org, 802.382.1273
    Melissa Harrison, Finance Staff (Accounts Payable); mharrison@acsdvt.org, 802.382.1282
    Bill Waller, Finance Staff; wwaller@acsdvt.org, 802.382.1293