• Today, Next Week, and Sickness

    Posted by Jen Kravitz on 3/1/2019

    Dear Families,

    This note is a friendly reminder that we have scheduled conferences for March 8th. If you have not yet signed up for a conference, please do that soon on classtag!
    Today we were fortunate to be invited to the College Art Center to view a performance of Indian dance from a dance company called Ragamala. It was wonderful and we returned to school and created art about what we heard and saw!
    During this continued season of illness, we appreciate your thoughtfulness when your children are not feeling well.  Many of you have let your children rest at home when they are ill, even if there is no fever or vomiting. Thank you! 
    As you can imagine, a sore throat, sick tummy, gushing nose, or constant cough that may not seem like a big deal to an adult are quite hampering to the learning and classroom function of small children.  They are not able to 'push through' the way older children or adults often can. Instead of plugging along, they are just not available for learning and very often disrupt the learning of the whole class because they need me to be a caregiver to a sick person instead of their teacher.  Additionally, littles are big sharers of germs. If you notice mucus on their sleeves, that means it is everywhere in our classroom and they have shared their awful virus with their friends and me.
    So thank you for helping your children live by our Essential Agreements of "Take care of yourself" and "Take care of others"! It is helpful in keeping our classroom a smooth running learning environment!
    Mrs. C
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  • Fish and Vacation Practice

    Posted by Jen Kravitz on 2/20/2019

    Dear families,

    I am at school checking on our critters! Mickey is spending his vacation relaxing and catching up on his naps!
    Our fish are growing! Some have quite a bit of their yolk left. Some are swimming to the top and getting ready to feed!
    During this vacation, I hope your children are resting and playing and participating in activities that they might not have enough time to take part in during the school week!
    Please remember to read with your children! Read to them and listen to them read! This is a great week to visit the Library!
    Also, some of us are still working on telling which sound goes with each letter and counting to 100 by ones, tens, and fives. 
    If you can practice these skills with your child, it will help our transition back to school next week!
    I hope the rest of your break is a good one!
    Best Wishes,
    Mrs. C.
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  • Tomorrow (2/14/2019)

    Posted by Jen Kravitz on 2/13/2019

    Happy Snow Day!

    I hope all the children are taking this opportunity to get an extra day of rest and hours of outside time!!
    Tomorrow, as a school, we will celebrate our work with the learner attributes!  It is pajama and stuffy day! Your child can wear their p.j.s and bring a SMALL stuffy to school! 
    It is also a skiing day, so please make sure your child comes with their snowpants, warm jacket, hat, and warm mittens. The people at Rikert also suggest hiking socks or wool socks. If your child does not have those kinds of socks, no worries! Please do send them in the longest, warmest socks they have and include an extra pair in case they get wet!  
    AND we will celebrate friendship and love tomorrow! We will be exchanging cards in the afternoon. If your child has cards to share, great! If not, I can help them at school to put some together. Also, it is not mandatory. If your child does not want to participate, they are not required to participate.
    I am excited for tomorrow's fun!
    Mrs. C.
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  • 100th Day and February 14th

    Posted by Jen Kravitz on 2/12/2019

    Dear Kindergarten Families,

    We will be celebrating a 'day of love, friendship, and kindness' on February 14th. If your children would like to bring in cards to share with their friends, they may.  If your child will need help with making cards, please let me know as soon as possible so I can find time to help them with that! 
    On another note, our 100th day of school celebration was a success! Your children presented their collections to the whole school with pride and clarity!  It was a wonderful morning of counting and crafts! We had a special 100th day poster to fill in that Maylee brought to share with everyone! Thanks, Maylee!
    Have a great week!
    -Mrs. C 
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  • Tomorrow

    Posted by Jen Kravitz on 11/8/2018

    Dear Families,

    We have filled our jar and earned a celebration! The class has decided that they would like to have a hot chocolate party to celebrate. I am planning on making hot chocolate tomorrow.
    If your child is not allowed to have hot chocolate, please let me know.
    Also...We will be painting with acrylic paints tomorrow. Please send your child in clothing that you won't mind if they get paint on things.
    Mrs. C
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  • Conferences

    Posted by Jen Kravitz on 10/23/2018

    Dear Kindergarten Families,

    Many of you have signed up for a conference slot on November 2! I look forward to meeting with all of you to discuss your child's work! Please sign up soon, if you have not had the opportunity. If you have any questions or did not receive the invitation from Classtag, please let me know!
    I'm sending out a little note tonight to tell you a little bit about our work lately and our day today.  Your children began to write some short stories today! This looks like a class of authors and illustrators! We continue on our letter work and children are identifying letters and sounds more automatically. They showed their good grasp of patterns during our math lesson today.
     Part of our math time includes "Work Places" which are activities and games that the children can work on in pairs or groups to help solidify the skills we have been working on. We have been working as a class on being a 'good sport' when playing these games.  The last couple of sessions have been a little rocky. The children have been so concerned with having a 'winner' and being that winner, that many have forgotten that the most important thing is to be 'principled' and play fair. We have been discussing that and I had Mrs. Burt in today during our Workplaces time to help support pairs and groups.
     Please feel free to chat with your students about their wonderful writing, letter work, math learning and their work on sportsmanship!
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  • September Newsletter

    Posted by Jen Kravitz on 9/29/2018

    Here is the link to the September newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/eff53f7e63f6/september-news

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  • What did you learn today, Mrs. C?

    Posted by Jen Kravitz on 8/30/2018

    Dear Families,

    I have been so focused on your little people that I fear I may not have given you the communication you might want! I apologize if this is the case!  
    We had a wonderful first day! We participated in All School meeting, met the superintendent, learned the rules of the playground (and tried it out quite a bit!), explored the options for choice time in our class, learned some Spanish (video here!),  and did some work on 'numbers and letters' (as one of the littles said) by decorating the first letters of names to put on our bulletin board! We let Mickey the mouse out in his ball and the children were quite calm and careful!
    It was a hot day!  I learned to ask a class full of children to take pictures in the morning and not at the end of the hot day! Still, they tried to appease me! Such good kids! I'm attaching the picture of the end of our first day!
    Thank you for sending in snacks and water bottles! 
    I can't wait for tomorrow! 
    -Mrs. C.
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