Picasso the painting pig!


  • Students will demonstrate increasing knowledge and skills through investigations, practice and projects in painting. Students will gain knowledge and understanding in painting theory, history and styles through experiences, presentations and individual inquiry. In addition, students will be able to recognize and apply different techniques associated with various painting media and styles. The course will conclude with the personal development, planning and creation of a body of work based on the students own concentration.

  • Grading:

    Assessment will be based on the demonstration of work towards the unit objectives.


    Each unit will be comprised of both formative (practice) and summative tasks during each unit. Formative work will account for 20% of the unit grade and summative tasks will account for 80% of the unit grade.


    Summative unit tasks will be graded using a rubric based on specified unit objectives.


    In this course you will practice

    the four main objectives of:

    • Knowing and understanding
    • Development and application of skills and techniques
    • Thinking Creatively
    • Responding