• K-6 Overview


    K- Let's get started!- Exploring line, shapes, colors and texture using drawing materials, paper, paint, clay, model majic and more!

    1- Building Our Experiences- Painting, Warm/Cool colors, 2D to 3D Fish, Paper Weaving, Clay, Printmaking, "I see, I noticed", Crayon Resist...

    2- Painting, Learning about artist Louise Nevelson and Wassily Kandinsky, beginning art history units with; Lascaux Cave Art, Egypt and Rome. 

    3- The Art History Year!- Learning about some of the greats, Leonardo DaVinci, Claude Monet, Vincent VanGogh, Pablo Picasso and Georgia Okeeffe.

    4- Magical Cone Puppets- design and build from scratch a unique creation!  Printmaking and Patterns unit.

    5- Discover Inkle Loom Weaving, create a commemortive Clay Plate, learn about artist George Seurat and Pointillism.

    6-  Masks!! (Brainstorm, design, create and troubleshoot structure, paper mache, add to and mache some more, prime, paint, enhance and finish for presentation). Students also create a written component to this assignment which is displayed with the masks!  School wide anticipation builds for our spring hallway gallery extravaganza!

Art Material Requests

  • The art department is always looking for useful materials!  Old jewelery is a delight for children to use on puppets or masks, sewing trims and fancy fabrics are always in demand!  Thank you for thinking of us!