• IB Teacher Leaders

    IB Teacher Leaders are selected from across the district to receive deep training in International Baccalaureate curriculum, instruction, and assessment.  They are a collaborative learning group tasked with supporting their colleagues through our transition to the IB teaching and learning framework.  


       Faculty Position


         Abby Adams

       Shoreham, Librarian


         Heather Gebo

       Mary Hogan, Grade 1


         Sarah Flinn

       Bridport, Cornwall, Shoreham, Weybridge; Art


         Leigh Harder

       Salisbury, Reading Interventionist


         Deb Levesque

       Mary Hogan, Grade 6


         Liza Raymond

       Mary Hogan, Grade 2


        Elizabeth Thacker

       Mary Hogan, Grade 3


        Christina Wadsworth

       Weybridge, Grade 5/6


         Andrea Way

       Bridport, Grade K


    For the 2019-2020 school year, we are recruiting additional IB Teacher Leaders to support PYP implementation.  Use this form to apply by Friday, August 31.  Reach out to Caitlin Steele (csteele@acsdvt.org) if you have questions.  

    At the high school level, Department Coordinators fill this role. 




         Jay Harrington



         Barrett Swinhart

         Language Acquisition


         Deb Karpak

         PE & Health


         Ben Krahn

         Language and Literature


         Michele Magnano



         Lea Stannard

         Individuals and Societies


         Anne Severy

         Fine Arts


         Faith Scaramucci

         Special Education


         Stephanie Sherman




    Essential Agreements 

    At our IB Teacher Leader kickoff event for the 2017-2018 academic year, IB Teacher Leaders explored the IB Learner Profile.  Then we used this core element of all IB programs to establish a set of essential agreements defining how we will work together as a group this year.  We'll revisit our agreements from time to time to assess how they're working for us and to adjust as needed.  

    We found the forming of these agreements to be a meaningful experience, and we are happy to support other ACSD groups (e.g. school faculties, departments, grade level teams) in exploring the Learner Profile and/or developing essential agreements to strengthen their collaborative work.

    As IB teacher leaders . . .  

    We agree to deepen and share our knowledge of IB practices and model our understanding to move everyone forward and to build trust and confidence in the program.

    We agree to ask thoughtful, probing questions that lead to a clearer understanding about how to improve our own practice and the practice of our colleagues. We will model our curiosity and love of learning.

    We agree to record our questions and learning as a better way to understand our growth.

    We agree not only to participate and share in discussions, but also to pause and listen to understand each other.

    We agree to assume responsibility for our words and actions and will endeavor to do so with honesty, fairness, and respect.

    We agree to assume positive intentions and use respectful and uplifting language with our team.

    We agree to stay positive and use compassion with our colleagues who may be struggling.

    We agree to be curious and discerning about ourselves and others near and far while witholding judgement.

    We agree to enter our meeting space and time with a commitment to work collaboratively, focusing on what’s best for learners, not on what’s most comfortable or easy.

    We agree to accept the feelings of uncertainty and disequilibrium that may arise during our work.

    We agree to positively focus on the areas where we can have the most influence, allow space to share concerns and frustrations, then turn our attention to actions.

    We agree to think about the actions we will take with intentionality.

    We agree to evaluate where we are, the good and the bad, and where we want to be and determine the changes we need to make moving forward.