• Requests for funding for courses/workshops: If you are interested in pursuing coursework and/or professional development outside of ACSD, complete a Professional Development Funds Request/Digital Green Form

    Note: According to the ACSD-ACEA Master Agreement, "All requests for the payment of tuition credits or for salary schedule movement must be approved by the Superintendent prior to enrollment" (p. 25).  Each Digital Green Form requires approval by three people in order, so it's a good idea to allow at least 2 weeks for this process to run its course.  To avoid delays, be sure to complete all sections of the form, attach detailed supporting documentation, and click the correct funding box.  Please contact Heather Crowley with questions (hcrowley@acsdvt.org, 382-1287). If after two weeks you have not received final approval for your request, you may find it helpful to call Heather who can check where the form is in our system.

    Certificates of Completion: Once you have completed a course/workshop, you must submit a certificate of completion within 4 weeks.  Please submit your certificates of completion here.

  • Professional Learning Opportunities Beyond ACSD

    Addison Central School District truly is a learning community, and Vermont is rich with opportunities to continue our own professional growth.  Rather than forward along all of the emails we receive about courses, workshops, and the like, we have created this page to share opportunities as they come to our attention.  This list is not comprehensive, and we do not specifically recommend or endorse the courses, workshops, events, and opportunities listed below.  Rather, this is a resource for educators looking for their next learning opportunity.  If you are interested in participating in one of these programs/events, consult with your principal or other supervisor.