• Welcome to ACSD!

     We are very excited to be working with you!

    This page is created to help the on-boarding process smoother for the new employees at Addison Central School District.  


    Network Account

    As a new employee,  you will have a Network account to be able to log-in to the computers owned by the district.

    You will be prompted to change your Network password after your first sign-in.

    If the admin in your building has not yet requested these credentials for you, you may do so here.  



    Google  Account

    New employees will also have a Google account created by the IT department so you can access G-Suite, Gmail, and other Google Apps.

    Your Google account will usually be your first name initial followed by your last name.

    E.g. Jane Smith will have Google account jsmith@acsdvt.org

    Please remember to add the acsdvt.org extension when you first log-in to your Google account.



    Once you have signed in, please change your password.

    To do this, click on your Google Profile icon in the top right corner of your browser.

    It will be a circle with your initial (I have changed mine to a photo).

    From there, choose Signing into Google.  


    You can then change your password.  

    To access Google Docs, a word processing application, go to the Google Grid in Chrome or type in https://docs.google.com


     Once you are using a Google product, you can use a similar grid in the top right corner.


    Did you notice the question mark in a rainbow circle in the screenshot above?  That is the help and tutorials section.

    Speaking of tutorials, would you like some more in-depth training on G Suite?  They have a very well done site called the G Suite Learning Center.  

    You can find all sorts of helpful information about Gmail, Calendars, Google Classroom, and your Google Drive.  You can access files in Google Drive from anywhere with internet access!


    If you're an admin staff or a teacher, you'll be given access to PowerSchool, our districts’ Student Information System.

    Here you can record students' attendance, grades and access student's demographic information, etc.


    Below are the links to access PowerSchool:

    PowerSchool Teachers

    PowerSchool Admin Staff

    PowerSchool Substitute Teachers

    PowerSchool Student and Parents’ Portal



    Each employee at ACSD will also have a SchoolWires account.

    Blackboard Web Community Manager or Schoolwires is the name of our online content management system.

    This is our district's' official website where teachers can create their class websites and add resources to the subject they are teaching.

    We strongly encourage each employee especially the teachers to update their web pages to promote openness and connectivity the community we’re serving.  


    1. To log-in to Schoolwires go to www.acsdvt.org.
    2. Enter your Schoolwires’ username and password.



          3.  Once you’re logged-in you’ll be able to view the ACSD employees tab at the top right of your screen.



    Human Resource Infinite Visions Portal

    For credentials to log in to the  Employee Access Center (EAC), please contact Ms. Gail Leach at gleach@acsdvt.org.

    For more Employee Resources, click here.  Need Tech Help? Submit a Tech Ticket